Further Reading: 12 Seconds of Silence

12 Seconds of Silence: How a Team of Inventors, Tinkerers, and Spies Took Down a Nazi Superweapon, published Aug. 2020 by Mariner Books, describes the context and import of the July 3, 1944 buzz bomb attack. Author Jamie Holmes interweaves the race to leverage technology to intercept V1 weapons, including the possibility of chemical payloads, with the mandate of the 130th Chemical Processing Company to defend England in the event of a chemical weapon attack. As Holmes writes, the V1 would present a “profound test to the men of the 130th. But it would not be the test they prepared for.” On the cusp of the widespread introduction of the proximity fuse as a way of intercepting V1 buzz bombs and safeguarding England from chemical attacks, the 130th suffered its own buzz bomb attack.

Learn more at https://www.jamieholmesbooks.com/12-seconds-of-silence.

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